Working For You Headline


January 2021 – December 2023
  1. DIVISION OF AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT SERVICES (AES) Despite global manufacturing delays and other supply chain issues, the Division has managed to deliver a relatively consistent level of service in FY 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  2. DIVISION OF AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT SERVICES (AES) EXECUTES ON LOW EMISSION POLICIES FOR ITS VEHICLE FLEET The Division of Automotive Equipment Service (AES) continues to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicle fleet by replacing older vehicles with newer more fuel-efficient and lower emission producing models. Infrastructure development plans are underway to phase in “zero” emission/electric vehicles. The Division has also implemented the use of technology to communicate with a vehicle’s computer and receive alerts when engine, brake and emission faults are detected.
  3. DIVISION OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE (PBEM) Annually maintained roughly 55,000 street lights replacing burnt fuses, defective fixtures and photocells and solving problems with the electrical systems. Between 2021 and 2023, the PBEM Division has managed to process a consistent number of work orders for City departments.
  4. DIVISION OF ROAD MAINTENANCE (DRM) Established the Stored Property Ordinance Base yard on State land under the Lunalilo Freeway viaduct. During the year the Stored Property Branch collected and disposed of 650 tons of trash/year from City properties, parcels and roadways.
  5. GROWING MĀLAMA O KA ‘ĀINA COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER PROGRAM DFM continued to grow the Malama O Ka ‘Āina community volunteer program which supports community groups in cleaning up City areas, patching uplifted sidewalk areas, painting out graffiti and fixing protected bicycle lane facilities.
  6. ROAD/SIDEWALK REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE DFM continued Road/Sidewalk Repairs and Maintenance, including road crack sealing, road coating, road resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, curb and gutter work, storm drain cleaning and street sweeping.
  7. DIVISION OF STORM WATER QUALITY (SWQ) Finalized the department’s Storm Water Strategic Plan in August 2023. Annually performed over 6,000 third-party stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) construction inspections involving over 500 different projects island-wide. SWQ also inspected over 14,000 stormwater catch basins and 190,000 linear feet of drain lines annually. Finally, SWQ also responded to over 300 complaints and referrals and issued over 100 enforcement actions for illicit discharge and/or illegal drain connection-related matters annually.
  8. DIVISION OF STORM WATER QUALITY (SWQ) OUTREACH ACTIVITIES SWQ participated in 130 outreach activities with more than 7,800 participants, including efforts by 1,600 volunteers as part of the City’s Adopt-A-Stream/Adopt-A-Block programs, who collected over 20 tons of debris and trash. SWQ continued its “You are the Solution” campaign to raise awareness and change social behaviors concerning the proper disposal of litter and proper maintenance of one’s sidewalks and gutters fronting their property. SWQ also encourages property owners to capture rainwater on their properties for later re-use and SWQ introduced a new campaign called “Healthy Yard Care” in 2023 that focused on proper fertilizer use, yard waste disposal, mitigation of erosion, bare ground cover and retrofits to capture rainwater. Annually, SWQ performed over 600 inspections of various commercial/industrial businesses and other properties that contain permanent post-construction BMPs; provided web-based stormwater-specific training to over 2,000 individuals that included City personnel and supervisors, construction industry, engineering and architectural, landscape and property maintenance representatives.
  9. STORM WATER QUALITY (SWQ) DIVISION CONDUCT REPAIRS SWQ repaired nearly 150 damaged catch basins, including the installation of automatic retractable screens at inlets to prevent trash and debris from entering the City’s storm drainage system at various locations, within the Downtown/Chinatown area. SWQ also completed the construction of two (2) water-quality debris basins in Salt Lake in 2022.
  10. STORM WATER QUALITY ANNUAL MANAGEMENT OF 24 ACTIVE STORM WATER CONTRACTS/PROJECT SWQ annually administers and manages over 24 active stormwater contracts/projects involving over $10 million in City funds.