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January 2021 – December 2023
  1. GOLF DIVISION REVAMPED CALL-IN RESERVATION SYSTEM DES Golf Division transitioned from a single phone number call-in reservation system to a new, automated tee time reservation system with online reservation capabilities and course-specific phone reservations for all six municipal golf courses to help modernize and boost revenue streams.
  2. COMPLETED PHASE 1 OF RENOVATIONS TO BLAISDELL AND THE ARENA Worked with the Department of Design and Construction to release $46.2 million in design and construction for priority health and safety Capital Improvement Projects to renovate the Neal S. Blaisdell Center campus. DES completed the first phase of renovations for the Exhibition Hall ($4.3 million), Hawai‘i Suites ($3.06 million) and Arena ($9 million) and successfully re-opened to the public.
  3. HONOLULU ZOO ATTAINS ACCREDITATION (AZA) STATUS Through hard work and discipline, the Honolulu Zoo retained its Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreditation status during mid-cycle inspection in 2022 and passed unannounced USDA inspections in 2022 and 2023, earning credibility for Honolulu’s zoo.
  4. GOLF DIVISION STABILIZED REVENUE AND INCREASED PLAY POST-PANDEMIC Post-pandemic, the Golf Division stabilized revenues and steadily increased play at its courses. In FY22, the Golf Division generated its highest revenues in over 10 years at $11.4 million and its highest number of rounds of golf played at 435,500.
  5. AUDITORIUMS DIVISION SECURED NEW BROADWAY SEASON FOR 2025 Auditoriums Division secured a new Broadway in Hawai‘i season for the Concert Hall in 2025.
  6. HONOLULU ZOO EXECUTES ON POPULATION MANAGEMENT PLAN To support its population management plan, the Honolulu Zoo successfully translocated over two dozen animals including 4 female African penguins, a female hippo, a breeding pair of fennec foxes, a male Hawaiian hawk, a breeding pair of Sumatran tigers, a female Malay sun bear, a male lion, 4 domestic pigs, a new Lani Moo; and several species of birds and reptiles including a Fijian iguana, red-footed tortoise and a Raggiana bird of paradise.
  7. HONOLULU ZOO ENDANGERED SPECIES PROGRAM The Honolulu Zoo hatched/raised hundreds of endangered native snails (Amastra cylindrica) and endangered native Kamehameha butterflies (Vanessa tameamea) and released them back into the wild.
  8. HONOLULU ZOO SPECIES SURVIVAL PLAN As a participant in the AZA’s Species Survival Plan, the Honolulu Zoo celebrated successful pairing and mating efforts which resulted in the hatching of a baby African penguin, the births of 3 two-toed sloths and a baby male rhino at the Honolulu Zoo.
  9. DES EXECUTED MARKETING PROGRAMS FOR ZOO AND GOLF Solidified marketing programs for the zoo and golf courses, and a re-branding program for municipal golf which included:
    1. Television, radio and print media advertising;
    2. Implementing statewide digital advertising initiatives;
    3. Creating new logos for the Golf Division and each Municipal course;
    4. Partnering with iHeart radio station to air Muni Mondays bi-weekly golf radio program to improve branding and outreach with creative content and celebrity interviews; and
    5. Securing partnership organizations to promote the Zoo and City golf courses.
  10. DES CONTRACTED FREE HULA SHOW AT THE WAIKĪKĪ SHELL Working with CNHA, DES contracted a booking for a 5-day/week free hula show at the Tom Moffatt Waikīikī Shell for 2024, an expression of regenerative tourism honoring Hawai‘i’s cultural past.